Mark McCandlish (United States Air Force) at the National Press Club

One amazing revelations of the Disclosure Project in May, 2001 at the National Press Club Event in Washington, DC was the story told by Mark McCandlish about a technical illustration he made of a type of manmade faster than light flying disc craft called an “Alien Reproduction Vehicle” (ARV). 

McCandlish is an illustrator who works in the aerospace industry who made a technical drawing of a man-made flying disc that was exhibited at a presentation at an air show at Norton Air Force Base in November of 1988. The craft was called the “Flux Liner”. The presentation was not part of the main air show, but rather held in a hangar at the other end of the airfield away from the crowds and it was only for top military brass and a few select people. McCandlish did not attend the exhibit, personally, but it was attended by an associate, Brad Sorenson, who he’d known from college. Sorenson made a rough sketch with some technical notes and then McCandlish made a refined version of Sorenson’s sketch. A large blueprint of the refined illustration was shown at the National Press Club Event while McCandlish was recounting his witness testimony.

Three Flying Discs at the Exhibit

In the hangar at the presentation there were three ARVs that were floating off the floor by means of antigravity technology and with no visible means of support. The three discs were different sizes – the smallest, about 24 feet in diameter at the base, the next one, about 60 feet in diameter and the largest, about 120 to 130 feet in diameter. McCandlish verified that the event took place from the office of his congressman, Representative George E. Brown, Jr., who was the Chairman of the Committee on Science, Space and Technology at that time. A staff member in the congressman’s office confirmed that the event did take place and that there were, in fact, three discs at the exhibit.

Technical Details on the McCandlish Illustration

The smallest ARV had some of its outer panels removed to be able to see some of the inner parts of the craft. Sorenson’s illustration contained many hand-written callouts of some of the technical details of the craft that he had observed and was able to learn from the presentation. McCandlish went through the sketch and all of the information he had discussed with Sorenson and drafted the refined illustration.

For example, Sorenson’s rough sketch described the coating of the craft as “Goopy” lead paint (on everything). Also, the notes on the McCandlish illustration states that the craft used “off the shelf” components such as the closed circuit cameras with clear covers, which were of the type that were used for surveillance in the Las Vegas casinos. Also, Sorenson’s rough sketch had a note that the access door was a “Submarine door”.

The crew compartment of the smaller 24-foot craft was about 12 feet in diameter and was equipped with seating (ejection seats) for four occupants, mounted “back-to-back” in a circular arrangement around a central column. Among the notes, it was stated that The Flux Liner accessed “zero point” energy which caused mass cancellation of the structure of the craft and that it was capable of faster than light speed.

U.S. Flying Disc Technology Since The 1960s

At the 2001 National Press Club Event, McCandlish showed photos of an ARV taken in 1966 in Provo, Utah. It appears that this technology has been in use or under development by the U.S. Military Complex since the mid-1960s and probably even earlier in the late 1950s – for at least 40 or 45 years, now. Perhaps more details of additional man-made flying craft using zero-point energy, antigravity propulsion and having faster than light capability will be disclosed to the public – possibly developed by other countries and possibly dating back even earlier than the Flux Liner.

With this discovery, there is the likelihood that some of the UFOs observed by people over the past 40 years were actually terrestrial, man-made craft. This is an important development for UFO Disclosure. The probability that there are man-made flying discs flying around in the skies means that UFO researchers can give serious consideration to the source of these objects as being terrestrial as well as extraterrestrial.

Hopefully, there will be a call from the public to make some of the science and technology available for the public good and to help alleviate the high cost of energy and the damage to the environment caused by conventional energy systems like oil, gas, coal and nuclear energy.

A video of McCandlish’s story is shown below, which is a clip from the National Press Club

Event that was conducted by Dr. Steven Greer and the Disclosure Project:

Mark McCandlish



Blueprint for a UFO - Mark McCandlish, US Air Force / Disclosure Project Witness Testimony Archive