Some private Flying Saucer Projects

Inventor Duan Phillips calls his 5.5m-diameter creation the "lift activator disc", and reckons it could be both faster and safer than a helicopter and easier to land than a plane.

The built-from-scratch prototype has been more than 15 years in the making — a frisbee-like assemblage of fibreglass and Kevlar, wires and buttons, and a fat Volkswagen engine bolted onto the back.


David Rowe is back! As featured in a previous episode of The Flying Show, David has completed this, the fourth version of his "Flying UFO" single seat aircraft, a unique design that is truly "alien" to the aviation world. Here for you today, we present David and his UFO on their first televised flight, complete with cockpit cam.

David Rowe - The UFO Strikes Again

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