Project "GeoBat"

Experimental Saucer Aircraft

Experimental Saucer Aircraft known as 'GeoBat'. They will build a 2-person manned version. The "GeBat"-

model is flying since 2011. 

Aerobat Aviation Inc and Attopilot International have teamed up to add an autopilot to the innovative circular flying wing design.

Aerobat Aviation, Inc was created to produce individual entities within the business that deploy and service

systems based on the circular wing aircraft, called the “GeoBAT”. The Company recently completed its first full-scale 2 meter diameter GeoBAT unmanned aircraft, along with a number of smaller size products, and is now positioned to introduce its newest class of light aircraft to the global market. Aerobat’s aircraft will be equipped with radio control, data and imagery links capable of autonomous flight in certain configurations. The circular wing configuration provides a robust, highly stable aircraft design that is easy to fly, remains intact in many common crash situations, has unparalleled takeoff versatility and provides protection for payload.

Geobat Flying Saucer Original Video

Aerobat aviation Inc and Attopilot International present the GEOBAT