Some images from a military Flying Saucer project from the year 1959-1962.

Between 1959 and 1962, the Army agree to help fund ongoing testing of this "Flying Saucer". At that time the U.S. military had to type-classification for aircushion vehicles, and this became known simply as the G.-EM.

The "Flyling Saucer" was constructed of steel tubing and aluminum ribs and covered with fabric. It was 20 feet in diameter. The aircushion was created by a main vertical-lift engine which drove a horizontally-mounted four-bladed wooden propeller. The propeller drove air downward through a 19 foot nozzle in the saucer's bottom to create a peripheral air curtain. 

A smaller engine and propeller in the horizontal tailfin provided forward propulsion.

Though never produced by the Army, the craft provided a wealth of information about the mechanics of air-cushioned flight.


Early manmade Flying Saucer Model / Flight (1950)

Air News - Flying Saucer Plane Aka Sport Plane (1953)

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